Years ago, I told myself “there will come a time that I will enjoy life with a pint of beer”… well beer happens!

Two birds in one pole.

And they call it poppie love…

It’s the year of the snake they said.

We have a firecracker snake I said…

One of the few instances where the star is larger than the moon.

I was humming Seasons of Fireworks while taking this photo.

In 1962, Andy Warhol produced his iconic 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans placing the iconic brand on the face of pop culture and pop art. While the pop culture community loves these cans so much, all that my family sees is a bunch of tin containing cold faster than fast dinner served in a bowl of misery. *facepalms

There and back again.

Like all good primetime telenovelas, I owe you a back story of why my tumblr account suddenly froze and stopped moving the way traffic on EDSA does.

[SFX: tingininginingining]

My camera got broken.

[End of Story]

But more than that sad story [which happened inside the church during Maundy Thursday making it impossible for me to curse in Latin] there has been quite a lot of changes between those nine months.


I now run this account with an Olympus E-PL1 [a result of my copywriting stint in Publicis JimenezBasic—complete with Katas ng Advertising sticker].


It’s a mirror-less camera with a near “vintage” look capable of shooting 12MP jpegs. One quick walk around Angeles City was enough to make me addicted to this compact digital baby.


It even gives me those prized bokehlicious outputs without much fuzz on the dials.


With a new gear at hand and more than nine months of gigil to post and blog, I am officially back. There and back again.


Read this comix strip written and drawn by my college classmate and friend Dos Garcia. 


Chapter 1: Prologue, part 1


Jeepneys are offsprings of WWII american military vehicles added with the touch of Pinoy creativity and uncanny need for a living. 

Shot using a Canon T-5. 

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